"I just passed my LMSW exam! I feel so good! Lots of relief. I do believe I passed because of the Prepare for Success class. It helped me know how to think of the questions. Had I not done the class I would have been answering the questions very differently. "

Leanne S.

“It’s been a long journey for me, and I am grateful for this course and the guidance it gave to help me navigate the LCSW exam! This really helped me keep me positive when the exam felt tough.”

Betsy G.

I just wanted to thank you for providing the exam prep, "Prepare for Success." I took this course with you several months ago and I just passed the exam, first time, yesterday! I am certain that your strategies helped me pass so thank YOU again.

Hope to connect with you again sometime!


Jennie M

I passed on the first try! Thanks so much for your help and support! The exam prep class really helped me figure out how to focus as I prepared to test.

-- Kristen B, LCSW (!)

“Thank you so much everyone!!!! You all knew my struggles on this journey and please use my testimony to never give up and keep striving. The difference between you guys and me is that I didn't have PREPARE for SUCCESS! at the beginning of my studies. This program equips you with all the tools that you will need, so with that being said I know that each and every one of you will rock the exam!!!!”

-- Camesha W.

“[The course's strength was]...breaking down materials in an understandable way, reinforcing breathing techniques and coping mechanisms to combat text anxiety.”

“Presenter made workshop entertaining and environment was conducive to asking questions.  Taking the practice exams were helpful.”

“I loved the environment and the materials provided.  The lovely instructor made this seminar a very enjoyable experience.”

“I enjoyed the seminar being interactive.  I also enjoyed the various learning techniques (visual, reading, etc).”

“It helped put my mind at ease about the exam and it helped knowing I’m not alone in this process.”

“[The course's strength was]...instructors openness to discussion.”

“Presenter's delivery was amazing.”

“It encouraged me to develop a personal plan; it helped me know myself.”

“The meditation and breathing techniques were helpful for my test anxiety.”

"I passed my recent LMSW test after taking Prepare for Success! I used several different study guides, but attending the Prepare for Success Workshop was the most helpful avenue for me.  The interactive and collaborative nature of the 2-day workshop motivated me to focus my attention and encouraged me to succeed.  The great binder that was provided was easy to use and quick to reference once I tabbed the sections in my own way.

All the practice materials from Prepare for Success were so helpful with need-to-know terms and "social worker thinking."  The practice test was really good at explaining why an answer was correct or not.  I am glad I went back to the practice questions I missed and really understood my mistakes.  The "hard" ones in Prepare for Success were the ones I should have spent more time dissecting. Some of the test questions seemed a bit tougher than the practice questions from my preparation materials, but a few were almost exactly the same!

Overall, it was an empowering experience and I recommend Prepare for Success Workshop.  I will definitely save my materials for my LCSW!"

--Sharla C (excerpts from longer testimonial)

“I took the prep course back in March 2018.  I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful resources and instruction. I took my LMSW exam today and I passed! Anxiety did a number on me and I delayed and delayed, but I finally used the smiling mind app and used all the resources I got and did it. Thank you so much for everything. I wanted to cry when I saw the PASS on the screen. I highly recommend the Stockbridge office. It was so peaceful. It was over an hours drive from my house but it was worth it! Prepare for Success! was a great class. Visualizing a pass and believing it, as was suggested in the class, is what got me there today and able not to freeze. I listened to social work podcasts, the smiling mind app, I went through the code of ethics again and again, and I made a lot of flashcards! I tried to do what the instructor suggested and tried different forms of learning. My fingers hurt from flashcards! All in all, I give Prepare for Success my big stamp of approval! Doing the class helped me hone in on the things I needed to do to prepare.”

--Marian A.

“It’s been a long journey for me, and I am grateful for this course and the guidance it gave to help me navigate the LCSW exam! This really helped me keep me positive when the exam felt tough.”

--Betsy G.